Liquid Ambition

With 97% of the world’s water undrinkable ocean and 3rd world nations (especially in Asia and Africa) suffering from a lack of potable water, access to clean water is an oft-overlooked problem Ripple Effects (see esp. 2nd to last paragraph). As one of the UN’s Millenium Development Goals, the UN aims to “reduce by half the amount of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water” Goal #7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability.

Led by Danish company Vestergaard Frandsen and their revolutionary LifeStraw, check out the following examples of innovators addressing global concerns in addition to bottom lines:



Healing Waters International

MetaVu, Inc.: Return on Environment (RoE)

Solar Water Purifier (click on “Solar Water Purifier” under Further Info.)


1. Is it possible for market based capitalism to drive profit via the solution of existing needs rather than manufactured wants? Which strategy is more profitable in the long term?

2. As the world becomes “flatter” and globalization demands not just awareness, but participation in addressing global crises, what role can your company play within its niche?


Donate some time, money, or your particular talents to an organization/project of global concern, even if acting on a local level.


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