Trimming the Fat

According to the 2007 white paper “Ten Trends” Ten Trends: #9 Leadership for Longevity by the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, CO, regular exercisers not only scored more favorably in peer evaluations than non-exercisers, but also outperformed non-exercisers in leadership categories (e.g. organization, authenticity, etc.).

CCL’s study adds to the onslaught of recent health-related research, highlighted by John J. Ratey, MD’s book “Spark” Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, a scholarly argument for mind-body dualism that would make Rousseau proud.

Several pioneering companies, to include Google, Caterpillar, Microsoft, and Yamaha Corp. of America have taken the hint, reducing the amount of available junk food and bringing in leaner options.

For an excellent overview, see the article “Hide the Doritos! Here Comes HR” in April 2008’s Business Week:Hide the Doritos! Here Comes HR


1. Are you what you eat? Could simple changes in diet and sleep habits increase productivity at work?

2. Try to understand the motivators behind why you may reach for junk food. Do you truly enjoy the taste, or is it simply a packaged, easily accessible, more convenient option?


Make 3 healthy weekday lunches each Sunday afternoon or evening (to eliminate excuses about not having time the night prior or morning of) and limit yourself to dining out 1-2 times per week.

Consider the aphorism “What goes in comes out,” both in terms of appearance and productivity.


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