Everyone’s Got a Story to Tell

In Status Stories trendwatching.com posits that there is a shift away from traditional brand/storytelling marketing, in which a large company sends an overarching message to mass audiences, to “Status Stories,” in which companies help individual consumers tell their stories to each other, playing to the ego and need for uniqueness in a world of 6 billion people.

For examples, check out the following links:

Army \”Paths of Strength\”

AmEx: My Life. My Card.

Thirsty-Fish: What\’s Your Story?

McKinsey: Our People


1. In a frenetic age of soundbites, “elevator pitches,” and drive through Starbucks, will consumers invest time to listen to the stories they are told? How will your company (a) attract attention (b) hold attention/generate interest (c) translate interest into action?

2. With everyone talking, can a competitive edge be gained by quietly listening?


Invest in your consumers and shareholders (and therefore in your company) by listening to their stories.

Listen to the narrated–but unspoken–story within a story to gain competitive advantage.


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  1. Andre Martin

    Hey Andrew.

    Great work here…know it is frustrating, but I hope you are learning something along the way. You are doing great with it, really! The storytelling entry is a favorite…hits on a huge passion. Check out the following site:

    http://wetellstories.co.uk/ (checkout 21 steps)

    See you Friday. Have a safe trip.

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